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ID Picture by :iconlaicka:. Thank you :squee:
Thanks for your visit :heart:
"There's only one god every nation listens to. Music" MrYellow94
"In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit." Albert Schweitzer


First try on the official dA app. Quite good <3
:iconfeelingfreeplz: (en gros j'ai rien à dire mais je voulais quand même essayer ce nouveau widget)
There are some pieces that are stunning, even after the 100th reading. To those, I'd give a DD if I could...

Astral Projection - Voyage astral (+audio)(version francophone plus bas)
Astral Projection
Reminder of the time passing;
Of the distances traveled,
The full moon stared down at me.
Opaque, milky white eye in my sky,
It shone its grey light on my hair,
Washed my soul in its midnight grace.
My skin tingled, caressed by its cold breath;
A shiver, a finger to my parted lips :
It bore its smell
Voyage astral
Témoin du temps qui passe ;
Des distances parcourues,
La pleine lune m'observe d'en haut.
Œil opaque et laiteux dans mon ciel,
Elle fait briller sa lumière grise sur mes cheveux ;
Blanchit mon âme des grâces de sa nuit.
Caressée par son souffle froid, ma peau frémit ;
Un frisson, un doigt contre mes lèvres entrouvertes :
J'y respire son parfum
-SophieCT, march 2012

AncientPeople always say,
That young love never lasts.
They would tell me:
"You're too young to know its real"
"You don't have enough experience dating"
And I always replied,
"But what we have is different!"
Realizing I sounded like every other teenager,
Defending their young love as well.
One night, as I lay across her chest,
I looked up at my heart and asked:
"Are you ever worried?
About the rumors of young love?"
She smiled and told me,
"This isn't a young love,
it's an ancient one,
And I have loved you for centuries."
Of course I felt all warm,
and I knew that she was right.
What we have has never been a young love.
We loved each other before we were born.

AdvertisementFor sale:
One body,
Thin but warm.
Red hair,
Blue eyes,
Bony wrists.
Soft skin.
Smells like milk and strawberries.
One love poem.

walking through stormsi.       my mother always told me to stay inside when it stormed. i think this is why i used to always keep my door closed when i heard "i love you" like a forward thunder, a storm i was not ready to face. circumstance is a heavy tempest and it's dangerous to get caught beneath, but opening doors is the only way to see anything past the routine of oneself.
ii.       people who are afraid of living should never be in charge of people who aren't. i grew up in the middle of a different kind of storm. i grew up and into a cloud of cigarette smoke, wafting the poison in my parents' mouths, so strong i could breathe it before they even spoke. i grew up with my hands tied by the people who promised they'd never keep me from reaching for a dream.
         it had always been this way. the same hands that fed also suffocated. i grew out of my clothes, but i grew into a shell, a world of "don't ride your bike outside, alyssa, there are crimin

Inhuman   We hadn't been humans since they took us from our homes, dragging us across a bullet soaked main street to the sound of government issued combat boots and savage cries.
   For three weeks we were held in a glorified basement, fed sunlight through a small window high upon the filthy wall. Women wept over hollow children bathed in flickering electric lights and fat, buzzing flies.
   But then the Doctor came and people started draining off the cracks on the floor. Suddenly, we were only ten and began developing a pavlovian response to the click of the door latch. I was the last to be taken, my stomach sewn onto my back and my stench crusted over layers of dead skin and miscellaneous fluids, M14s hurrying my shaky steps.
   I was finally delivered into a dark room and strapped onto a padded chair. The harsh lights were turned on when he arrived, forcing wonky shapes to writhe beneath my eyelids. My eyes swam in boiling tides a

Merry christmas dear fellow deviants :)



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